The Best Guide to Backyard Grills

The Best Guide to Backyard Grills

So picture this scenario with me, if you would.

It’s an early spring day. About 55 and sunny with those high wispy clouds. You happen to glance out your back window and see a large piece of metal on your porch. You think, “What’s this?! I do believe that hunk of steel is resting in the exact spot where that giant snow mound was towering just last week!” (If you didn’t read that voice in an uppity British accent, go back now and read it again.) At this exact moment your stomach growls and something instinctual buried deep inside of you knows… that hunk of metal is a grill and a vessel which can bring forth tasty nourishment.

But alas, it’s ways are foreign to you. You’ve given your friends the side eye as you watched them heat the grill. A few twisty knobs here, a couple of switches there, some mystery clicks, maybe a lighter, and some already burned chunks of something? It can’t be that hard!

Your stomach is getting louder and thoughts of a double stacked burger with all the trimmings is making you desperate enough to give that thing the old college try.

So, what are you waiting for? Crack that back door and go take a look-see.

There are as many types of grills as there are shoe salesmen (or women). I am personally working on a fleet of grills to have access to whenever I want, but rest assured. No matter what type of grill you have, there will be a recipe for you on this site! Some things I cook low and slow with my smokers (think brisket, pulled pork, ribs, etc.) and others I like hot and fast with good char marks (hamburgers, hot dogs, certain veggies). The most important thing is not buying a brand new $1000 grill, it’s getting to know how to cook great food on the grill you’ve got. Once you get a feel for your grill, you’ll start to recognize features you really like and things you can live without.

Let’s start with the basics:

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